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Originally Posted by sandman21_21 View Post
You're changing the topic. I'm pretty sure running without equipment that helps to reduce the emissions coming out of the tail pipe is illegal. I've run with and without a cat. I felt like a douche when my car stunk and I didn't really have a legitimate reason for it to. And if we want to get back up to the top where you are saying you want to give people options to go stage 2, you just need a full turboback exhaust, and going catless isn't going to make much of a difference.

^ This.

Sandman, a catalytic converter does not help reduce emissions coming out of your tailpipe, that's my whole point. If you don't like the smell of going catless, or you are concerned that you may be breaking the law by installing a catless downpipe, go catted. I'm totally cool with it. I guess part of my original point that I was trying to make is that whatever you decide to do with mods is your business. It certainly doesn't make you an ass in my view.

It's kind of off topic, but you don't need anything more than a downpipe to run a stage 2 map on the 08+ WRX.

You know the whole topic is even boring me now. I didn't want the thread to be about what was said in the other thread but I guess since that's what spawned this discussion it's only logical that we would come full circle. Anyways, the science of catalytic converters is even beyond me a little and I'm just paraphrasing what I've read elsewhere. So far, it seems that nobody has brought any actual science forward to disprove what I have been reading. But if it's out there I am open to it and I don't even care that much either way.
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