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Originally Posted by Abgrooms
Alright, I have a few.

The first week I drove my car a to work got the usual comments from everyone...

"Nice rice box, boy racer..."

"Why did you put that huge wing, and hood scoop on?"

So hears the good story, I just pulled into work, getting back from lunch. I step out and open the back door and an attempt to fetch my phone from under the seat. (It fell while I was driving.) This less then highschool educated boob walks over...

FBK: Flat brim kid
AC: Another coworker
ME: Me

FBK: " Oh sh**, you even gots' the interior all done up"

Me: "No, no..just like the exterior, the interior its all stock, I've explained this a few times now.

FBK: "Nah, mang, no cars come stock with blue racin' seats, I sees' you even got the matching rears"

Me: "No really, thats factory... it comes like this.

At this point another coworker chimes in. He know subarus pretty well.

AC: "This is and STI bud, they come standard with all this race gear, you can check it out online if you don't believe him."

FBK: "I still don't think its orginal, what car company would sell a car that comes stock with a Smurf Blue interior?"

ME: (, I completely lost hope) "Thats a good point..."

So after a few days of ignorent comments and stereo types, I had pretty much lost all hope that anyone would ever know or understand what I'm driving. (I can't imagine how the general public views an STI when they see it driving around them on the road)...But eventually my boss says something to me about my new ride.
I nearly fell over after what he said...simply amazed.

"Hey, I saw your STI out there, love that boxer rumble. I recently test drove the newer body style STI a few weeks ago, the 5 door hatch in white pearl, I almost bought it but my wife didn't like the way it looked."

Mind you this guy is about 62 years old, and drives a Prius. His "nick name" is Jeff Goldbloom (sp?)

haha awesome boss! I bet that was refreshing after the flat brim kid... and to him: the company that sells cars with smurf blue interiors is the same that puts pink emblems on an overly masculine car haha
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