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Hi Folks ...a newbie to the forum and would like some info. I'm an old guy and back in the early 80's I bought a Subie hatchback for me and a Brat for my wife. I built a house WAY up on a hill in Wisconsin. I LOVED that hatchback! Although a bit under powered, it could climb trees! that I am looking into getting another Subie I am VERY dismayed that they no longer make the car with the options I had and want again. My hatchback had FWD with a manual lever to shift into 4WD AND a manual lever to shift into low range! Man...what a trooper that rig was! It would go ANYWHERE no matter HOW deep the snow was. Does anyone here know when they stopped building these vehicles with these options? I would like to know what year they stopped these options. If it isn't TOO long ago I think I would like to try and find a cherry with these options, if possible, and buy it. Even though it was a bit under powered I loved that old car with those options of 2WD, 4WD and Low Range. If you know the year that these models stopped being built PLEASE let me know! it possible to buy a GOOD used Subie in the $2500 to $6000 range? In that price range...what is the best year and model to buy for toughness and longevity? Thanks! Hope there are some answers out there for me.
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