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Originally Posted by JeezyCheezy View Post
2013 WRX stock at 122k miles. Bought used at 18k


Heard a metallic rattle as I'm getting off the highway. Bearing must have gone somewhere on the highway but couldn't hear the problem until I slowed down on the off-ramp. Didn't realize what it was at the time, just an odd sound related to engine speed.

Get 5 miles down the road and the engine just cuts out. Won't even crank over so towed it to a local shop. Next day they get it started and confirm it's a bearing. One odd thing to note is the oil level was high when the shop looked at first but then went to normal range. Maybe a sign of a bad oil pickup?

I've run Rotella T6 for the whole time of ownership. Car burned very little oil and subjectively the Rotella seemed to hold up very well. However I was lazy on this last oil change and was at about 5500 miles. So moral of this story is don't be risky and keep to a 3k oil change! Can't guarantee it would have saved my car but at least I would have known I did everything I could.

At this point I'm debating rebuild vs. sell as a rolling chassis

From what I've read, I *could* get away with an oem short block and send out the heads and clean the turbo and buy new oil pump, pan etc. However the shop I talked to cautioned that the turbo should really be replaced or rebuilt or that could be the next failure in the near future. He also said I'd be better off with a re-manufactured long block since I'd be close to that cost between the short block and machine shop work on the heads and there could be other issues valve lash, AVCS etc. I'm capable of pulling and reinstalling the engine myself.

Any advice from those who have done this before? Priority for me is reliability, but also putting 6-7k into this car just seems crazy and I'd opt for cutting my losses and getting a new car at that point.
Sell it. You are going to put 6-7k into it for a less reliable car in which you canít even recoup the fix up cost.

Sell it as a roller, add the 6-7k to it, and put a big chunk down on a new or used car.
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