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Originally Posted by kellygnsd View Post
Not to be an ass but if you don't know what you want how are we to know what you want. If all your looking for is someone to tell you two wraps is fine then two wraps are fine. Its better than no wraps and less effective than infinite wraps. That is the honest to god best info you will probably find on the subject.
sigh. see if someone asked me the question i've asked, i'd be all "well the heat radiated after XYZ layers isn't worth bothering with. any more than ABC is a waste of time." etc.

Originally Posted by skimobile View Post
Sorry for the crapy cell phone response earlier.. Many headers have slip joints (where one section of the header pipe slides inside another). Usually the slip joint is contained with a bracket, wire, etc.. Wrapping your headers retains more heat in the header's stainless steel piping. The pipes can get so red hot inside the wrap that the pipe gets soft (while hot) and can easily bend, separate at the seams etc. It happened to me at Pocono long course. A heat-wrapped pipe caused the Perrin header to get so hot that it separated, pulled apart and blew hot exhaust gas all over the radiator, hose, wiring, etc., and even turned the header wrap into glass.. I'll see if I can dig up some shots for reference....

You can see the slip joint on the right (driver's side) in the pic of the header on Perrin Performance's website...

aha. i see!

single piece headers so not an issue.
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