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Made a trip to a local U-pull since they showed they have a 2000 RS...
It ended up being a wagon.

Anyhow.. there was a 1993 Impreza as well..
Managed to swipe those beauties.

Having issues with fuel gauge displaying low fuel I managed to find a 05 Fozzy...
Pulled the floats out of it just in case mine were bad.

It was a bitch to pull it out but I got tired of not knowing how much fuel I have.
Tested the resistance and it fell withing specs..
For those interested this is how they read:

Left float:
Full 2.2 ohm
Empty 44 ohm

Right float:
Full 0.5 ohm
Empty 50 ohm

Both Fozzy and Sti floats read the same.

Pulling the passenger float is always a bitch...

I was about to switch them for ****s-and-giggles and noticed that the arm arrangement is different.
Since the pass fload read lower than the drivers with 1/2 tank I've bent the float arm a bit.. Figured with it laying in the garage for 3 years it might have gotten bent.

What do you know.. It magically started working.
Somehow I feel it was binding somewhere and after removing it and putting back it re-aligned.
Had a 5 gal jug and filled it up, while watching the gauge....

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