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Originally Posted by Pre View Post
Not it isnít. That tired ass nonsense. These dumb sayings people come up with and repeat ad nauseam.

So tell me how do you have perception is reality and donít judge a book by itsí cover in the same sentence and have either make any sense? Perception is a fools game, and youíll be wrong many many times because itís a false saying.

Range anxiety is just something people fear because they donít understand the electric vehicle, and/or they have no experience. People fear what they do not understand. Thatís another one but Iíll agree with that ďsayingĒ because I see it every day. Damn EVís could have 500 mile range and people would still be pooping bricks about it.

I do agree with most everything else you posted but thatís down to stupidity. Iím sorry thatís all it is. Forgetting to plug in your charger is like forgetting to wipe your ass, just dumb as all get out. I ran the Leaf as my only car for 3 years and I never forgot to charge it once. If you are a forgetful person, lay the damn L2 cable right in front of the parking spot. Thatís what I did. And it had a range of 84 miles not the 200+ a Tesla does. If you are real forgetful set a reminder on your phone, or just try to actually think for a change. When I had to drive all over the metro on a weekend, putting 150 miles on the car in a single day I just checked an app for all the DC fast chargers, Chademo. And hit those when I needed. 10-15 minutes per stop, and I was out. Compared to getting fuel it was 20 minutes extra out of my day. Not that big of a deal when you need to eat, deuce, or whatever.

People are just stupid, and hooked on convenience. Convenience everything. They need to harden up, switch off the commercial television ads, the social media applications, and start learning something instead of being zombies. You need some adversity in your life to grow as a human being, to progress. If you all you do is pleasure seek and rest on convenience, well thatís not a life to me. Time is short here, take advantage. I often wonder what would happen if peopleís phones didnít work for a day or they had to get this, get out of their vehicle and walk inside to get their fast food sack meal. ďYou mean I have to get out and walk in????? WT F ????Ē Same goes for using an electric charger. Oh the horror and difficulty of it all! This is why door dash and Amazon are such huge deals. People are impatient, entitled, and hooked like crack addicts on convenience. Idiocracy is upon us. Let me know when the Starbucks convert, as long as the price is the same as their overpriced coffee Iím game. Iíll gladly also switch schools for MBA. Costco is closer than the University.
Perception IS reality for those people, whether itís right or wrong. Until that perception is changed, it will remain the reality to those people.

Itís a pretty simple saying that you kinda just took to a level it never intended to be. Not sure why this is a difficult saying to grasp.
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