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Default '95 Legacy L wagon: phantom door lock actuation

So, I'm trying to diagnose/resolve an on-going, 1-yr, power door lock issue with a friend's 8-yo '95 L wagon. The key unlocks the passenger's door, by itself, but when the driver's door is unlocked, all three other doors also unlock. This is factory operation for a '95, correct?

The reason I ask is, I have a '98 L wagon and the key unlocks both front doors just by themselves. In my case, I have to depress the power "unlock" button, forward of the driver's master control panel, to unlock all the doors.

And here in lies the problem with the '95...after unlocking the driver's door [and all other doors] to gain entry, sometimes before starting the engine, sometimes after, the passenger and rear door lock actuators will all cycle [closed/open] together, multiple times, at random. I think this has happened several times while the car was parked in the driveway, resulting in a dead battery. The only thing that seems to stop the phantom lock cycling, whether the engine is running or not, is to lock the driver's door, thereby locking all doors, via the lock/unlock tab recessed in the door release pull.

I've searched on the forum and found some references to "factory locks with control unit" and "RKE with control module". Can anyone explain/define RKE? Are "unit" and "module" used interchangeably?

I believe the lock control unit/module is mounted behind the instrument panel, near the fuse box. Can it be seen/accessed from below, looking up from the pedals? I would actually go look, but, I'm 1000 miles away from this car.

In the "power door lock" wiring diagrams from the Haynes Manual, page 12-40, I saw something labeled "door lock timer". Is that the same as the lock control unit/module?

The car does have an aftermarket alarm system installed, which I've disconnected, taking it out of the loop, although, that has not altered/stopped the phantom lock cycling.

Any suggestions/recommendations?
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