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Originally Posted by PARANOID56 View Post
so, i figured i would put one of my machines doing this. still trying to research and what not but figured the OT collective would know all

but so far i downloaded and installed Bitcoin-Qt wallet and its all up todate (and i assume running)
is there better programs to use? any nasioc pools to join? should i just turn it off and not bother?
I spent some time researching this last week, and in a nutshell, you first need to find out if mining is actually profitable for you. Typically, mining rigs use AMD GPU's * (NVIDIA's suck at hashrates to power consumed ratio). Find out the hash rate of your GPU, and the power consumption of your entire rig, and your electricity rate - then plug those data in the calculator to see if you'll actually get your money back. (In my case, my electricity rate of is too high to make this worthwhile.)

*FPGA's and ASIC's provide much better hashrate to power consumption ratios than GPU's, but those devices are hard to get and can only do mining. At least GPU's can be used for other purposes
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