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Originally Posted by lino129 View Post
I have been having some issues with my 02 WRX, well since i've owned it mostly due to careless previous owners (long story, wont get into it) and Infek told me to check and see if everything was connected and sure enough, the hose to the blue connector (unsure of technical name) was popped off, in my attempts to put it back on the line to the intake duct snapped. I went to the local parts store and got some generic vacuum line and reconnected everything and started the car up and it idles HORRIBLY, jumps between 1k and 1.1k RPM and sounds like it could die at any second. if my car was tuned (PO had a local kid tune it) without everything connected would that explain the problem?
Assuming the car was tuned with the hose off then the fuel trims will definitely be far out of alignment. For the time being you can try resetting the ECU to see if the zeroed out fuel trims do better at idle for you.

Leak post turbo, pre intake valves (in the inter cooler or intake manifold)
This will result in a lean condition at idle and rich condition at full throttle. Since you've now fixed the leak the car is probably overly rich at idle and will be most likely lean at full throttle.

Leak between the MAF and turbo
I was not sure if you snapped off one of the turbo inlet nipples. If so, be sure to replace it right away. A leak here can create a small lean condition during idle, but a huge lean issue during full throttle.

Both of the above conditions can create an unstable idle and unstable engine. In short, do a pressure test to ensure there are no other leaks and then get a tune ASAP. If you have a COBB accessport then we can assist through our E-Tuning service (click the image):

Let me know if you have additional questions that I can assist with.

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