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My opinion on this is despite the fact you saw some fancy **** at CES2009, it's vaporware until proven otherwise. That's the point of CES. And with the current economic tide, in a few months notice those ideas can be scrapped or the company backing it could go under, in a realistic scenario.

But all this talk about new technology replacing blurays isn't going to do anything for several years. I cite satellite and cable and their forms of transferring HD content down to the consumer. No one honestly has 1080p aside from it being available in a physical format like Bluray. Dish claims they do, but it's still a compressed form of 1080p available on very few channels. The bandwidth simply isn't there for HD yet, so what makes you think that companies that have been trying to improve their HD service to their customers for 4 years are going to be taken by storm by a new technology? For now and for quite some time, I can see Bluray staying on top based of bandwidth issues, regardless of how the content is delivered.

Also, you state the nonsense about bandwidth caps. I do agree, but what makes you think that Comcast for instance is going to pull your bandwidth cap so you can purchase a streaming HD service from a third party instead of using their HD cable services (which suck ass)? You new to how business works?
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