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Originally Posted by schkemy182 View Post
So, I have a 2015 WRX Limited and I just installed the DD C-Lights with the DD DRL harness.

I have encountered a problem. With the DRL harness installed, the C-Light becomes the DRL instead of the high beam as expected. However, it is not at 100% brightness. It is the same brightness when the headlights are on. The issue is that when I engage the high beams, the C-Lights get brighter and the high beams do not come on. It is as if the DRL harness wired the C-Lights as the high beam.

I have quadruple checked the wiring and made sure all the connectors are connected the right way and have had 3 other people check it too.

I contacted DD about this and they said it sounded like I had a faulty DRL harness. I got a replacement DRL harness today, except that did not fix the problem.

Has anyone else with a Limited WRX or STI with the factory LED headlights experienced this? I find this to be odd and I am just trying to get some answers over the weekend while I wait to contact DD again on Monday.

Note: Everything works the same as it did from factory without the DRL harness installed.
I hope I'm not too late to chime in. I installed the DD a few weeks ago and had the same issue on my limited wrx (high beams are switched to olm leds). DD's DRL harness was missing a female connector and they had to send me another set, so there is some serious quality control problems going on. After installing the new set of drl harnesses (everything was connected-I'm 99% sure) the driver side high beam kept flashing on and off when I had my lights on "auto" during the day. The driver side somehow sorted itself out and now it works. The passenger side though... the c light would suddenly stop working when it changes from full bright to low from time to time and won't go back on.
I think it may be something wrong with the drivers but I am not sure. After reading this thread, I think I'll switch out my led high beams with halogens to see what happens. I'll update if it works.
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