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Originally Posted by Lolotovs View Post
2007 Impreza 2.5i

Does anybody have any recommendations for upgrading my suspension? I have a few problems I'd like to get around and I don't want to lower my car at all given the area I live in. I have to drive on gravel roads fairly often, and we typically get a ton of snow up here every winter, so I'd like to keep the stock ride height. However, I've run into two issues.

1) My front end dips very low when braking hard, which is hurting my braking performance, as it feels like my back tires lose a substantial amount of weight over them and they break traction before my fronts do.

2) An uncomfortable(not scary) amount of body roll when taking a turn sharply.

These issues hurt the level of confidence I can put in the vehicle, and I would like to resolve both issues. What would you recommend I do to solve these issues. (I would like to stay away from coilovers in favor of struts.
I assume your car has high mileage, due to its age, so the struts are probably pretty worn. Getting new ones should definitely help with the front end dipping under braking and help some with the body roll. Kyb has solid, well priced, oem equivalent struts you can get.

Afaik, the 2.5i has a pretty small rear sway bar. So you can also upgrade it to a thicker one to help reduce body roll even more. You can get used ones from a WRX or get something aftermarket.

I recently did suspension work on my 09 OBS with 110k miles. I replaced all 4 struts and added a rear 22mm sway bar. I live in a mountainy area with windy roads, so when I first bought the car (used) the body roll was a little bit too much for me. My car didnt come with a stock sway bar, so I put in a 22mm one from Whiteline and boy did it make a world of difference around the turns . Even though your car has a rear sway bar, getting a larger one, along with new endlinks since yours are probably worn due to age, should make an appreciable difference with body roll. For my struts, I didnt think the old ones were that bad, but after I replaced all 4 with KYB ones, I could definitely notice a difference in ride comfort, bounciness, and brake dipping.

If I were you I would first replace all 4 struts since they are most likely worn. Then after some driving see if it makes the body roll any better. If not, get a larger rear sway bar and some new endlinks. Or you could just upgrade everything at once. None of these things will affect stock ride height at all, albeit some sagginess from worn struts might be corrected, assuming you get the correct parts.
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