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Default 245/35r18 tire ride quality?

Hi. So I have a 2007 WRX that is currently on the stock wheels and suspension running the stock tire size. I have gotten the engine where I want it and now looking to upgrade the wheels/tires and possible lower the car slightly. Trying to get rid of the hideous wheel well gap and get a lower offset wheel.

At first I was going to go with a 17x8 but the preferred 235/40 tire size seemed to have limited options. I believe I have decided on a 18x8.5 Konig wheel. I realize I will need to roll the rears at least which I have come to accept. I was hoping to keep at least the same side wall height as stock but going with a 245/40 tire would add about an inch overall height and that seems to be a no no with gearing? I definitely donít want to loose power/acceleration and possibly cause issues with the car. So the 245/35 is the next best option but it is such a thin sidewall that I wonder if the ride quality sucks? Is it that much different than what I have now running the stock setup or am I splitting hairs here? I donít particularly like the look of a big wheel and tiny sidewall but I realize I may need to compromise somewhere. Iíve been a truck guy and so the thought is to run a bigger tire which then you can air down a bit to have a better ride. But I know itís probably apples and oranges. I have seen pictures of guys running a bigger or Ďmeatyí tire and I like the look. I do like the looks of the 19 sti and they run a 245/35 so maybe It would grow on me. Any thoughts? Fwiw, Iím looking at the pilot super sport/or pilot sport tires.

Side note, I was thinking I may also want to lower the car slightly to get the look I want but probably an inch or less. I was thinking of either sti take offs or pinks. Probably pinks since they will lower it slightly more. Is there a good source for those you recommend? Thanks for the help
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