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Originally Posted by ptclaus98 View Post
That is horse****. Such a bull**** privileged opinion. Yeah, young people don't want to spend half a house on a fun car, but there are plenty out there who if they could afford the exorbitant prices for even used enthusiast cars, not to mention new enthusiast cars, then the market would be plenty healthy. Now Hondas, Miatas, E36s/46s, 350z/G35s, and BRZs are the only affordable (in terms of buy in and cost to make fun) options out there, and it's not long before we can cross the BMWs off that list as well. When I bought my first 240 almost a decade ago, there were so many platforms that you could get into for less than 5k. Z cars, rotaries, old toyotas, hondas. The issue is that regulations made it expensive to make these cars as manufacturers had to consolidate resources instead of being able to just make bespoke platforms for sportscars, trucks, or economy cars. CAFE and crash standards killed the enthusiast market, not kids.
While the Highlighted section definitely played a part in this, there is plenty of data showing that the latest generation's interest in automobiles in general, much less the performance of said vehicles has dropped significantly. When I use to run the data group for a certain large automotive group, the marketing surveys said it all.

The vast majority of people under the age of 30 were more concerned about features such as Bluetooth, infotainment systems, and Advance Cruise Control, than anything performance related. heck most put those ahead of safety and economy. One glaring item on the surveys was that many wanted a new phone or high end PC before car ownership.

We sent one survey out to over 10K people, and not one response requested a manual transmission. Both new and Use car sales reflects this as well.

It warms my heart hearing that there is still pockets of enthusiast in up and coming driving generations, but I feel it's a dying breed
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