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Originally Posted by Reciprocity View Post
Screen shot and post the picture. I'm curious.
so it has seller/buyer feedback, escrow accounts, PGP encryption for the PMs and the 'orders' disappear once placed.

the 'items' page always has the current FX rate in the lower left corner

the way I gather this works is you pay cash for a gift card visa, then deposit that to a 3rd party that works with one of their partners to convert the cash to bitcoins then place an order - when the order arrives you complete the transaction and the seller gets the bitcoins

it seems way skewed to the buyer - I wonder what kind of fraud protection there is for sellers


Buyer's Guide

Connecting to the site
If you are reading this now, you have at least figured out how to access a tor hidden service, good job You have either installed tor and configured your browser to use it, or you are using a proxy such as tor2web. We strongly encourage you to connect to the hidden service directly rather than going through a proxy as it is much more secure and anonymous. The Tor Browser Bundle is available for all major platforms and can be found here.

Getting bitcoins
The most secure way to get bitcoins is by selling something for them here on Silk Road. Your account has a built-in eWallet for Bitcoins, so you can buy and sell here without ever having to worry about third-party services at all. When you sell something, your account is credited, and when you buy something, it is debited.

If you don't have anything to sell here, don't worry, you can get Bitcoins in many other ways. Click here for a list of reputable exchangers that will take many different forms of payment for Bitcoins. When they ask for your receiving address, give them the Bitcoin address from your "account" page that looks something like this:


As soon as your new Bitcoins are sent, they will appear in your account. It is a good practice to click "get new address" before every new deposit so your deposits can't be linked to one another.

Shopping cart
The first step to placing an order is selecting the items you want to purchase by adding them to your shopping cart. Once your cart is ready, you must enter the address you would like your items sent to. This is the one point in the process where some kind of personal information is revealed. We take this very seriously and have taken every precaution to protect it.

Receiving address
From the moment you submit your order, to the moment it is displayed to your vendor, the information is fully encrypted and totally unreadable. Then, as soon as your vendor marks your package with the address and confirms shipment, the address is deleted forever and is unretreavable. For the extra cautious, you can encrypt your information yourself with your vendor's public key so that even we at Silk Road would be unable to view it, even if we wanted to. See below for more ways to be safe.

If you have enough funds in your account to cover your purchase, then your order will be validated instantly and sent on to your vendors. If not, then you must deposit enough Bitcoins into your account to cover your total. Remeber, always generate a new address when sending funds.

You will be notified as soon as your order ships. Now just kick back and wait for it to arrive. Once it does, don't forget to confirm delivery and leave feedback

Receiving packages

Use a different, unrelated address than the one where your item will be kept such as a friends house or P.O. box. Once the item arrives, transport it discretely to its final destination. Avoid abandoned buildings or any place where it would be suspicious to have mail delivered.
Do not sign for your package. If you are expecting a package from us, do not answer the door for the postman, let him leave it there and then transport it as described above.
Do not use your real name. This tactic doesn't work in some places because deliveries won't be made to names not registered with the address. If you think this is a problem, send your self a test letter with the fake name and see if it arrives.

If you follow these guidelines, your chances of being detected are minimal. In the event that you are detected, deny requesting the package. Anyone can send anyone else anything in the mail.

The most important feature of Silk Road is the escrow. Our committment is to total satisfaction for each and every purchase you make here. If your package never arrives or is not in the condition you expected, you may have a chance at a full or parital refund of the purchase price. Our resolution center gives you total flexibility in working out a mutually agreeable outcome with your vendor. In the rare event that an agreement can't be made, a Silk Road admin will be right there to mediate and investigate if necessary. The vast majority of orders are filled exactly as expected, but to avoid even the rare hang up, we strongly encourage you to read your vendor's feedback and ask questions of them ahead of time.

NEVER go around the escrow and pay a vendor directly. We will be totally unable to protect you in this event and the vendor will have much less motivation to serve you well. People HAVE been scammed this way.

Just when you thought Silk Road couldn't be more secure, we went one step further. The tumbler sends all payments through a complex, semi-random series of dummy transactions, each with a new, one-use receiving address, making it nearly impossible to link your payment with any coins leaving the site. The quantity, frequency, and number of transactions are all varied chaotically in a way that mimics the transactions of the bitcoin economy as a whole.

Final note
We do everything we can to protect your anonymity and ensure that your visits here bring you great satisfaction. However, you should understand the risks of possessing and using any of the items you purchase here. Research these matters before jumping in and be responsible for your actions. Learn how Tor and Bitcoin work so you can understand how to use them and where their limitations are. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to support you. Please also send any suggestions for improving this guide to the "contact us" link below
Seller's Guide

Client anonymity
You and you alone will have your client's shipping address. This information must be destroyed as soon as it is used to label their package. When you click "confirm shippment," the address will be deleted forever and unretreavable.

-Never ask your clients for personal information.
-Publish a Public encryption key in your user description under "settings" so they can send you their info encrypted if they wish.

Choose the category that most specifically matches your listing. Your listing will appear in this, and all parent categories above it. This will allow your customers to narrow down their search and find your item quickly.

If you think your item could belong in more than one category, choose the one that suits it best and let us know about the ambiguity. We may be able to reorganize the categories in a more clear way.

If your listing doesn't fit in any of the categories, it may be on our restricted items list. See below for details.

NOTICE: Please do not create listings that instruct customers to pay outside of escrow, or are used for any purpose other than to list an item to be sold for the listed price using the site checkout system. Any other intention can be carried out on the forums.

You have two options when pricing your listings. They can be priced in constant Bitcoins, or constant US Dollars. All prices on the site are displayed in Bitcoins, but if you choose to peg your listings to the dollar, your prices will change dynamically in accordance with the exchange rate between the two currencies. When the bitcoin appreciates, your prices will fall. When it depreciates, they will rise, so no matter what, you will get the same dollar value for your item. We recommend that you peg your prices to the dollar.

You must describe your listings accurately and truthfully. If you do not, it will be reflected in your feedback ratings and you will lose business. We have zero tolerance for any kind of scamming or cheating and have taken many precautions to guard against it.

Every precaution must be taken to maintain the secrecy of the contents of your client's package. Creatively disguise it such that a postal inspector might ignore it if it was searched or accidently came open.

Ship USPS if within the United States. They must obtain a search warrant to open any packages.

If the contents of the package have an odor or can be detected by canine or electronic sniffers, you MUST vacuum seal the package. Do not use odor masking agents such as coffee because dogs are trained to sniff for these too. Check that the vacuum sealed bag is holding tight around its contents, otherwise there is probably a leak.

Make sure the exterior of the package raises no suspicion. Look as professional as possible. The idea here is blend in as much as possible with the rest of the mail stream which is mostly "business reply mail."

Protect the contents of your package. If your item is brittle (such as pills) it needs to be sent in padded packaging (such as a bubble mailer). Do not send pills or any bulky items in envelopes. Envelopes get flattened in automated sorting machines and their contents get crushed.

Customer service
As an independent seller, we expect the highest levels of customer service from you. Go above and beyond for your clients and you will be rewarded with superior feedback and repeat purchases. Reputation is everything here and the best way to cultivate it is by leaving your customers suprised and delighted.

Restricted items
Please do not list forged documents including fake ids, passports, and counterfeit currency.
Please do not list anything who's purpose is to harm or defraud, such as stolen credit cards, assassinations, and weapons of mass destruction (chemical/bio weaponry, nukes, and anything used to make them).

Practically speaking, there are many powerful adversaries of Silk Road and if we are to survive, we must not take them all on at once. Additionally, if you try to please everyone, you will wind up pleasing no one. So certain things are restricted just so we don't scare too many off.

On a moral level, we take the high road, pun intended . Those who seek to control the behavior of their neighbors through force are immoral. Silk Road exists to circumvent that force and provide a safe-haven where civilized people can come together in peace for mutual benefit. To allow listings of items designed to defraud or harm innocent people would be to stoop to the level of the very people we are standing up to.

If you are unsure about a listing, just drop us a line and we'll let you know.

We strongly encourage you to create a seperate account for making purchases. If you do not, it is possible for an adversary to find out your mailing address. If you buy something from them, and provide an address, they know that the address belongs to you and can see from your feedback how much you are selling and what you are selling.

Final note
Regardless of your motivations, you are a revolutionary. Your actions are bringing satisfaction to those that have been opressed for far too long. Take pride in what you do and stand tall.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, we are here to support you. Please also send any suggestions for improving this guide via the "contact us" link below
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