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I just wanted to address a couple things.

1. Again, yes, you can make 400whp on the stock intake and a TMIC. But if you were to replace that intake and go to a FMIC, you will gain a LOT of power. You can make 400whp, easier, with an intake and a FMIC. Anyone who tells you different, has no idea what they are talking about.

2. Because you can make 400whp easier with a FMIC and intake, you can do so at lower engine stress with a more conservative tune. So look at all the people smugly telling you that you wasted your money, and laugh because at the same power level, your engine will be a good bit more reliable than theirs.

3. This thread IS NOT ABOUT THAT ANYWAY. Its about helping those who have no idea, understand what it really means and takes.

4. The litchfield is 400CHP, not whp, a completely and totally different thing. We are talking about a 60-70hp difference between 400chp and 400whp. Its nothing remotely close to approaching comperable.
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