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1) my car HAS an intake and an FMIC. So I am not in disagreement with the points you made. YET, it is not without reason people still argue in this time and age between the perks of a TMIC and an FMIC. They each have their own advantages. Turbo spool and reaction for one. However, if you use your car only on the street and not for say, sustained laps on track where temps will really start to go up, then you wont notice some of the disadvantages..

2) Cant argue with point 2 that you made there.. Not at 400whp anyway.

3) I believe in painting the right picture. Whilst newbies need to have a more accurate picture of what it takes to get to 400whp, we all didnt get there overnight either. I do believe many do not really comprehend the levels of commitment and coin involved but you cannot smack a whole crowd to get at a few people. Those few people still can do with the right direction and encouragement to get to where they can and want.

4) I did mention that the litchfield could have been 400CHP didnt I? I thought it was pretty clear to all that I did mention that. It was just to paint a more accurate picture of what the stock intake and intercooler could do. And to what levels it can get you. What it does here is expands the knowledge of people and awareness of the different possibilities and paths in a build. That way, people can prioritise and plan. Or even go in the same direction. After all, I dont see many claimed 400whp cars performing as well as the Type 25. It is simply a phenomenal car that didnt put all the eggs in one basket.

In any case, for reader's knowledge, do know that 400whp is a very subjective topic. 400whp can be 300whp on a different dyno. Some shops overdo the compensation values and loading simulations, giving very skewed read outs. Different dynos (chassis, hub, etc) produce different results. So my point is - Dont chase the horsepowers. Start somewhere and have a goal. Builds arent made overnight. Do it with enough research and planning, and if halfway through you think its too hot to handle, why go on? Its what you feel and think about your car that matters.

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I just wanted to address a couple things.

1. Again, yes, you can make 400whp on the stock intake and a TMIC. But if you were to replace that intake and go to a FMIC, you will gain a LOT of power. You can make 400whp, easier, with an intake and a FMIC. Anyone who tells you different, has no idea what they are talking about.

2. Because you can make 400whp easier with a FMIC and intake, you can do so at lower engine stress with a more conservative tune. So look at all the people smugly telling you that you wasted your money, and laugh because at the same power level, your engine will be a good bit more reliable than theirs.

3. This thread IS NOT ABOUT THAT ANYWAY. Its about helping those who have no idea, understand what it really means and takes.

4. The litchfield is 400CHP, not whp, a completely and totally different thing. We are talking about a 60-70hp difference between 400chp and 400whp. Its nothing remotely close to approaching comperable.
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