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Originally Posted by rtv900 View Post
then all you have to do is list the 6 or 7 bullet points you listed in this thread in your sale listing that shows the mods you are aware of, done.
That satisfies your duty to honestly disclose what you know if that is important to you.
You sure as hell don't need to speculate on any future issues or speculate on emissions compliance laws. If your vehicle passed it passed.
This, exactly. I'd also google on how to write up a bill of sale, as it will be the binding sale contract between you and whoever you sell to. Whatever terms it specifies or implies can either expose you or protect you from the buyer coming back and saying "This wasn't what I was told I was buying."

It's not hard. I typed up a BoS in about half an hour based on a template and ran it by my wife (who is a lawyer, but her legal expertise wasn't needed. Just an anal retentive eye for contract details). Only mention things explicitly extent. No speculation either in the sale post, communications, or the BoS.

Do NOT accept someone wanting to buy this from you and pay YOU installments. If they want to pay installments on your car, have them get a personal or used car loan from a bank or credit union. That way the institution pays you straight up and the buyer is on the hook with the bank and either way you have your money. Also insist on meeting them in person for a test drive, and insist on them paying you directly (cash or money order. If they want to use a check even a bank check, have them accompany you to the bank to verify that it is good and that it will clear).

That way you won't have someone take the car and run with promise of payment. If they do, you'll never get your money even if you get them arrested and convicted of theft. Blood from an onion and all that.

So, protect yourself. Scammers are out there, but insisting on face to face meetings, and in person meetings to accept payment and hand over keys will protect you from that for the most part.

I had several shady characters try and take us up on our sale offer on our Malibu. Installments, or low ball initial with promise to pay remainder, etc. Hard pass. We ended up finding a guy who was offering only $200 below what we were originally willing to go down to, but he had cash in hand, it was the most he could pay, and he really wanted the car. He had a buddy drive him an hour to meet me at our house to see the car and test drive it. He had cash in hand. I had BoS and current registration with me with date of the title transfer in the BoS (so if a cop pulled him over, it'd all check out and not throw any red flags about "stolen car"). He drove away happy. I walked away with a good chunk of my WRX's downpayment in hand.
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