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Much of the alignment equipment out there today will not accomodate alowered car, especially w/ body effects (lowering it more). They put on laser measuring devices on each wheel and many of them simply don't have a long enough arm to allow each to "see" the others.

I had to go around a little bit to find a shop w/ the right equipment.

On specs- you didn't post what you wanted. First the specs have to be attainable- w/ the oe setup (no extra eccentric bolts/camber plates) you can expect to get about -1.3 camber in the front- some have gotten slightly less, some slightly more. Ensure they are equal (cross camber)- they should be able to get this within a tenth- left/right. If they need to know why, tell them the extra neg camber will help w/ grip in corners and also help dial out understeer.

The rear (w/o bolts/plates) are nonadjustable, however by loosening both strut bolts you can push/pull (very hard) on the tire and come up w/ a tenth or two- I only use this to even out camber, if it's even left/right it's not worth the effort.

Toe you have a wide range of adjustment, just make sure you understand all the ramifications w/ changes. 0 toe front/rear is very safe, that still yields good performance (deviations outside 0, again understand the ramifications- not only at autox , but also at speed).

Caster- non adjustable.

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