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I did the DIY $10 Remote Oil Pressure Sender mod today. FYI - This is needed with the normal ProSport oil pressure sender, due to its large size (hits the alternator). The Defi and ProSport Premium sensors are much smaller and can be bolted right into the galley plug without any issues. I'm not sure about other brands/models. Also keep in mind that some brands are NPT and some are metric. ProSport is NPT, so it is easy to find hardware that fits.

Prior to that I was running two 90 deg fittings to allow the ProSport pressure sender to clear the alternator. This was OK, except it wasn't screwed in real tight due to the necessity to be able to "clock" it for proper alternator clearance. Eventually it developed a small leak and it didn't seem like it was going to get any better, so I went for the remote install mod.

Here's a shot of the "before" setup:

I bought the parts from Home Depot. Online they show a 12" hose for $5, but in the store they only had the 18" hose that costs $9.62. The 1/8" straight coupler was $2.65 so the total with tax came out to be just over $10. If you order parts online, or go to Harbor Freight, you could probably do this for close to $5. I would keep in mind where you want to mount the sender, I think 18" is actually just about perfect.

Here's a shot of the parts:

First step is to remove the grease gun adapter from the end. It appears to be held on with red Loctite, but I got it off with just normal wrenches and no heat.

Here's a photo with it off:

Then just screw all the parts together. This is a mock up. I ended up deciding to put the strain relief spring on the end that goes into the galley plug and into the block. I figured there was more chance for stress there since it was hard mounted. I don't think it really matters though.

Here's a shot of it going into the block:

I ran it behind the alternator and zip tied it to the alternator wire's loom.

So far so good. Seems to be a great solution and much cheaper than the kits they sell. And waaay better than the two 90 deg fittings that I was using before.
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