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Well I don't fully understand how the ecu grounds the injectors. I have a wiring diagram and I guess they all have a common 12v which is the yellow wire I think but don't remember. Then for the number 1 injector it is a brown wire that goes back to the ecu and this wire has 12v coming out of the ecu. I would think that the ecu would ground this brown wire this giving it its pulse but am unsure. The timing had jumped due to a bad tensioner and I thought this was the problem but after installing new tensioner and timing belt the timing is exact. Not even off a half tooth anywhere. I used the marks but also counted the teeth and it is exact. If it was a bad cam or crank sensor I would think that it would have no spark or at least effect other cylinders. So where do I go from here? The only code I'm having is p0505 and that is because I loosened the screws and adjusted the top part of the iacv. This problem existed before I did that and got that code so I am pretty sure it's unrelated I could be wrong though. I am a lead technician in a shop and this problem is embarrassing me so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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