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Originally Posted by digitalseance View Post
Brand new STi - ~$36k (?)
Mods to become dedicated track car: $15k (?)
rough total: ~$51k

Brand new FSCCA/FMazda/FAtlantic: ~$70k+

Only thing is resale value. A hard driven STi track car will maybe still pull $25k if it's a race/TT winner. Fxxxx will still easily pull $50k after 3yrs of racing.

this is assuming brand new, spec/formula cars used can be had far cheaper, but are still quite expensive. I've been looking at atlantics in the back of sportscar for over a year trying to figure out how to get one
Brand New FSCCA (spec series) is 50K and used but just as good can be found under 40 and some have recently sold for 30K and less.

Competitive FA cars can be had for under 50k as well there are currently no 'new' FA cars although there may be a new chassis coming in the next year from Stohr. Pro Mazda is north of 70K but the club FM cars (also no longer produced) are under 20K.

Brand New SRF assembled is about 30K and used can be found for under 20K.

Competitive top level national FF can be found for under 30 as well as FC new would be about 50-60K.
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