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1990 Legacy wagon
goes 12.387 @ 116.5


And then a few hours later......


I drove it! It runs! It drives! It stops! It has no more power than before!

OK, heres the deal. After the rag eating fiasco, I reinstall the supercharger back in its proper place. Now I could either go home or finish the damn job! Guess what I did.

Obviously I finished the job. I couldn't help myself.

So.... Final installation was pretty straight forward. I had spent a few hours earlier in the day drilling, tapping and installing all my various vacumn spots, crankcase breather spots, nitrous hole and BOV pipe. I had gone and picked up all neccesary hoses and connections when I accidentally fed the supercharger the rag.

Other than some tight spots, everthing went in like a charm. The only problem, and I mean only problem was the location I had chosen to put the BOV in the pipes. I had set them up WAY too close to each other so the bend was too tight. And I was short hose.

Since I couldn't hook up the BOV right now, I simply decided to hook the two sections together so this way I was not going to cause problems with too high a pressure.

I finally started and idled the car, with the supercharger clutch off. It ran about 80% compared to normal, because the normal airflow was constrictdd, but still ran fine. Revving the engine was completely normal.

I flicked the switch to turn the supercharger on and the idle picked up about 300 rpm and ran about 90% normal. Hit the gas and it takes right off! Sound great. When you lift off the gas, it sounds just like a BOV.

So I shut up the shop and head for home. Test drive a ways with the charger off. Runs great (or at least about 90%)

Flick the supercharger clutch switch and expect great things.



It accellerates just like a NA, but when I let off the has, the boost guage just jumps to high heaven!

So what is the problem? No ****ing BOV. Since I am venting back into the intake without a BOV, when I actually get on it, the boost is dumping back into its own airstream. The only time boost actaually registers is when the throttle plate closes and it spikes.

But....It still works!

The only reason I did not install the questionable BOV that I own (the bosch one) is that I was short proper hose. I think that I will just bite the bullet and get another Bosch BOV new and test tommorow.

Still fun.

Goodnight, I am about to pass out from exhaustion.
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