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Originally Posted by m1nus View Post
hey bill. i got a boost leak test done and i miss a ton of stuff. i felt quit silly actually. the "T" with the restrictor pill was torn somehow even though it was new when i put it on. its using the WRX td04 pill, is that correct for this map? it should be all buttoned up but now im going way over target boost. is this because of the other mods?

i didnt see any knocking but i hit 20 psi... how dose the rest of the log look (3rd gear pull all vacuum and boost leaks fixed)
That is a pretty good boost spike. The stock pill is correct for this map - I would make sure there is not any other damage to the wastegate lines. If not, you may need a custom tune (and would likely be a big benefit due to your other mods).

Your A/F Learning 1 is still extreme. If you didn't reset the ECU since fixing the intake tract leaks, I would do so now. That isn't going to fix your boost issue, but will start you back to zero trims so you can see what they look like over time as it relates to fueling issues (say after a tank of gas).

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