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Default Sohc Swap

Originally Posted by wtdash View Post
Swap info? Maybe.

Side-note:The 2005 was the return of the EJ253 MAF-based engines BUT no i-AVLS on the cams that the '06+ engines had on the USDM models. (There's a post on here about using older w/newer - fairly recent - that helps w/that...Search.)

1. Swap your USDM intake manifold - including all the wiring harness, injectors, etc - everything to the new(er) JDM EJ20. Get new IM gaskets.
2. Swap All the sensors - Cam(shaft), Crank(shaft), - anything that has a wire.*
>>>..Why? Because the USDM ECU/ECM must be different in how it 'reads' the signals, so those sensors must match>>>go to Japan and ask a Subaru engineer? :-)
3. Swap the Cam and Crank sprockets/gears. The 'triggers' must match the sensors, which must match the ECU. See #2.
4. Head Gaskets? If you're a savvy Subaru owner you know that you should ALWAYS replace the HG when swapping in a USED engine. Sounds like Cometic may be the best source?? Or find an Aussie site to order them?
5. Spark Plugs: Do NOT consider this 'the truth' but I grabbed this from a Russian (Google translate) Owner's manual for the 2005 EJ20/EJ25:

- Or just match whatever is in the EJ20.
6. Timing belt kit, water pump, oil pump "should" be the same as most every other EJ-Series SOHC engine - there are some different style WP's -check yours. SOHC EJ25~SOHC EJ20.

* I don't know whether the oil, Temp/CTS, Power steering (?), etc need changed but everything above states to change 'em all, so...yeah.
Does anyone know if Years/Generations can be swapped? ie: 2001-2004 EJ20 into a 2005-2009 EJ25 car? These JDM 2.0s are 1500$ cheaper than than the 2.5s but only for Earlier models. The 1 difference I know of is the AVLS sensors on 2.5 heads, but can I maybe swap my heads onto the 2.0?
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