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Originally Posted by isotopesope View Post
but a true carbide drill should NEVER be used in a hand drill or even a drill press. they are too fragile for that. those are really for CNC use only.
meh, a carbide drill is fine in a manual press unless it's some harbor freight china deluxe that slops around .030 each way.

Originally Posted by mitch808 View Post
This isnt a subaru application. It is not mild steel rather some alloy short of maybe true hardened stuff
not sure on a subaru, but I modified my bumper brackets on my 1950 to tuck the bumpers in, so I needed to drill them.
Holy crow was that ultra tough steel, I had no idea what I was in for.
HSS didn't even touch it. I had to use a solid carbide end mill.

Originally Posted by Zombie Panda View Post
You can anneal the area first with a torch. Then use tungsten carbide bit. You may get by with cobalt (not Kobalt-Lowe's brand). HSS or titanium coated will not drill hardened steel.
Then he's just annealed his brackets!!!!!!! Don't tell me he can re-heat treat them with a torch having no experience doing that?
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