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Originally Posted by SnowTech View Post

In the end it is spliting hairs a bit, and a nozzle right after the IC might have the benefit of showing a bit more cooling on an IAT sensor. So really its more of a case by case basis. Most of our customers find that the biggest concern regarding placement is more of an installation and functional one rather than the theoretical, even when they do have an FMIC.

Great discussion guys!
Indeed, it is splitting hairs to a degree. If one were to instrument the 24" pipe after the jet you would see significant cooling, but you would also be measuring wet bulb temp, which is not entirely correct.

I might add one item to what you noted. If you are relying on a mix with ample water to cool combustion temps, the farther you can put the jet form the TB the longer time there is to strip the molecules down to smaller size to stay in suspension in the air making turns. The Subaru suffers much less from this with it's manifold design, but log style manifolds can have issues with heavy water mixtures distributing evenly. Much of this is theory without clear intake manifolds, dye infused mixtures, and much instrumentation.

What we see in reality is much the same as you, a practical placement of the unit usually out weighs the theoretical best. I'd even add that placing the jet in a location for proper maintenance, within reason, is probably wiser in the long run than a hard to get to but theoretically better location.
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