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Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
I rode in a Model Y last weekend that had the latest beta. I wonít say itís terrible but I would say itís a solid 20-30% of being actually full self driving. 4 lane road, very few cars and it would try to make immediate left or right turns. The actions were stupid aggressive too and it was on ďchillĒ mode. If there was a car to either side of us, itís likely we would have touched. It did make sudden decrease in speeds and sudden acceleration too. It couldn't handle a right hand merge lane either. However, when it did work, it was pretty cool and made a pretty cool right hand turn without assistance.

Based upon the 1 hour drive (30 mins out, 30 mins back), I think full self driving is a long ways out. Iíd be surprised if we see it in 5 years unless some sort of massive jump in technology happens. Personally, I would never engage FSD or buy a vehicle with one at this point in time. This applies to Tesla and every auto manufacturer
It is all about data, the more people use it the faster it will improve. There is no way FSD will work just by grabbing data from a simulator or by having 1000 test drivers. Yeah the acceleration is too aggressive for my taste even on chill mode. I need to try a different setting for FSD because right now I hate in Assertive and see if it helps. I do think it will take more years and I am actually surprised there haven't been FSD accidents.
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