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Originally Posted by superg View Post
"Not in the way at all" is a stretch (even when it is down)!

For limited increase in accessibility while drifting in 1-2 you live every day with this embarassing poseur handbrake? No thanks.

yes, i will live with it and love it. everyone that has seen it in person loves it... their first question is. "is it in the way?" then i have them sit in it and release the e-brake. alot of my friends like it and they want to make some for there silvias(even though they don't really need it).

it's just an handbrake extension... some of team orange STI's have them and it looks easy to make. they just don't have them bend up like mine... the Japan rally STI's have them also and it's a simple bar that they had add to the handbrake. i wasn't sure if i wanted on made for my car until i got to see one in person myself. a japanese friend of mine that runs gymkhana, drives a 03 STI spec C with that same extension. he had some shop make one for him. i rode with him during an event and it awsome little upgrade. you don't have to pull very hard and it locks up so much better.

here a picture of team orange, GC8 handbrake
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