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Default Bugeyes Royale Coast to Coast, Top Scoob 021 West (Semi Final Round now Open !!)

Who has the best Bugeye in North America?

Top Scoob is extremely proud to being you our second double header, 021, Bugeyes Royale, where we intend to answer the question of who has the best Bugeye around.

There are a couple of very important items to point out before we start so please read the following before entering!

021 is split into East versus West with the dividing line being the Mississippi River. Depending on which side of the line you live determines which thread you enter...super easy. You're currently reading the WEST thread fwiw.

We're limiting this round to members from North America only (No Internationals this time) but if you're Military and currently stationed overseas still feel free to enter by using whatever you consider to be your hometown.

Voting will be the usual two round eliminations in each thread followed by one combined East versus West showdown between the top three cars from both. Make sense?

From the title you can already guess that this round is for 2002-03 Imprezas only, sedan and wagons.

Your car must be a Bugeye so an 02-03 with a later model headlight conversion would be excluded.

If by chance you're one of the few individuals who've converted their post 2003 Impreza to a Bugeye then come join the fun. You've earned it!

As always please read the rules before entering and Good Luck to all our Bugeye owners out there.

*click the banners to check out and vote in both threads

It’s easy to enter your car, all you need is a Subaru, a camera, a place to host pictures, and the ability to type a coherent sentence or two…

The requirements, as in you MUST HAVE the following to be considered.

  • No more than THREE pictures (that's the forum max) of your car can be posted in your entry thread, whatever you feel best shows off your hard work and imagination. Once the voting begins you are free to add more pictures. Bump away but try to think quality, not quantity.
  • A written description of your ride, the more detailed the better. We’re talking about more than just a mod list, we want you to share the story behind your Scoob. Tell us why and how you bought it, what inspires you to modify it, and what all you’ve done to it and why. Most important is to tell us what you do with your car...race, show, cruise, polish with a diaper, whatever.
    Think of it as your own magazine feature, the better you sell your car to the masses the better the chances of your Subaru becoming a Top Scoob.

  • You're more then welcome to start a campaign thread in your Regional Forum however the General, Off Topic, and Gallery forums are off limits to vote generating threads. If you already have a thread about your car in the Gallery feel free to bump away.

  • Trash talking is not welcome in this contest. If you need to tear down another competitor in an effort to build yourself up please do not bother to enter.

How it works
  • This is a contest, open to all Nasioc members that own a Subaru.
  • You must be the current owner of the car, no third party entries allowed.
  • Entries must be submitted to a specified Top Scoob thread stickied at the top of the Member's Gallery. The number of cars allowed is limited to a maximum of 25. Any themes or restrictions on entries will be clearly described before the contest begins. For example: GC Only, or Wagons Only, or 100% Bugeye Free, you'll get the idea.
  • Please only one entry per person.

Voting and Eliminations
  • There are three rounds of voting, Round One = 10 days, Round Two = 8 days, Final Round = 6 days
  • After the First Round the cars placing in the bottom 15 positions will be knocked out.

  • After the Second Round the cars placing in the bottom 7 positions will again be knocked out.

  • The final three cars will go head to head to head in a final poll to select who has the Top Scoob.

  • *based on our maximum entry of 25 cars. Knockout cut offs and the number of first and second round threads will be adjusted at the start of the contest depending on the total number of entries.

  • Votes are automatically reset to zero at the start of each round.

  • In case of a tied vote for the last transfer spot in the first two rounds, the entrants involved will compete in a 24-hour Run Off vote.

    If there is a tied vote for first place in the final round, a 72-hour Run Off vote will decide the winner.
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