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Default Aquamist HFS3 Kit with Innovate Failsafe. Options for set up?

Hello all! I'd like to start some conversation around how I should set up my kit and maybe end up with a blueprint that others can follow. I have searched and found a couple of threads with set-ups that I like the sound of, but they are either old, don't have pictures anymore, inconclusive, etc.

Background, I have a 2010 STI, an Aquamist HFS3 kit and I will be using an Innovate PSB-1 failsafe. Tuning via Accessport V3, I am not married to any one tuner. Planning on running 80/20 WMI, probably just approved windshield washer fluid.

I have not begun installing any of these components yet, so I am an open book in terms of suggestions for setting it up. I found the Aquamist wiring diagram for how they suggest setting it up which I am not totally against using if this other idea does not work out.
The other idea in question: I found discussion of a member who hooked up the Aquamist flow sensor output to an auxiliary input (TGV sensor plug a la Cobb flex fuel, 5v for 100% WMI flow and vice versa for 0V). I am a big fan of that idea as it allows me to have a blended 93 and 93+wmi map without having to switch maps manually or worry about variations in flow. And then I would add on the Innovate PSB-1 as an extra failsafe based on the boost pressure and target AFR of my tune. As I mentioned before I am not super worried about getting a tune for this setup, if I present this setup to a prospective tuner and they do not like the idea I will just find someone else who can work with it.

Now is where I turn to the good citizens of NASIOC who are far more experienced than I. I am lost on the execution and if it will work exactly as I imagine. I know it will involve add-a-circuits, extensive wiring, etc etc but I am up for that challenge. If anyone has experience, thoughts, wiring diagrams(?????), tuners who have experience with this setup or is just generally interested in this approach let me know! Thanks guys!
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