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Originally Posted by Gixhost View Post
Who cares about the loss of boxer rumble when there is a clear performance gain and CVT is a good thing...the 6-speed is long over due and why would anyone expect Subaru to design a custom 6-speed for the WRX as they would an STi?? A decent automatic transmission will ensure that more vehicles are uptick in WRX sales due to a CVT providing a decent hp to mpg bragging rights only means all of us who want to see the WRX continue to be built have that much more insurance that Subaru will continue to invest money into a product for us. Looks are debatable...but the more I see the WRX the more I like it...I am sure it will look good in person but my main interest is the STi...I don't know why everyone is holding this WRX to STi standards. It performs more like an STi than it should already IMO...and people are complaining about it.
I wasnt expecting them to design a custom 6 spd and I agree its long overdue. The issue I was referencing is that the wrx wont hold big power for long without trans being built and im curious to as how the new 6mt holds up and how the viscous center diff and VDC react in comparison.

Have you ever driven a CVT? Ever feel how heartless it is and appears? The "launch control" doesnt do squat in that video. It still takes 6 second to get to 60 mph and its even more sluggish out of the gate than the old slushboxes and 5mt. Launch the 5mt and I guarantee your 60mph times are less than that. I havent driven a CVT that actually puts the power to the ground. They all feel like the driveline is eating half the power made when you floor it.

I personally wouldnt care if they discontinued the wrxs production at this point. In my opinion they have ruined the car. It accelerates way slow from a dead stop even the video showed that. Unless the 6mt is geared way lower it probably will be much similar in heartless-ness.

The only thing that has changed for the better IMO is IF the handling is in fact better than thats its strongest selling point with me. I wasnt impressed by the way the car accelerated from a stop but I was impressed that you could hear the turbo spool up almost instantly.

However comparing the wrx to perform like an STI is stupid. They were worlds apart before the so called improvements and now this just sets them that much farther apart...

Again like I said before though this is my opinion. These are some of the things I was looking for in the 2015. They didnt address any of them and ditched the wagon and screwed the body. They lost my next car purchase. I think I might go to the darkside. Build an sti killer evo

Edit - the CVT wont get anywhere near the mileage in the 6MT unless you drive in I ALL the time. So you point of having HP to MPG bragging rights is pretty much nil since the 6MT doesnt have si drive
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