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Originally Posted by Soobiecabra View Post
While I agree that if you are going to tear apart your headlights you should use paint or something more permanent.

BUT your statement about PD fading and "shrinking" is false. UV does effect the fluorescent colors only, but UV fades ALL fluorescent anything. As for shrinking that is complete malarkey.
I'd love to see these headlights in 4 years let alone 8 to 10.

Hell... my clear bra shrank.

Vinyl wraps range from 3-7 years. You think Pdip is better than a quality auto vinyl? Even Plasti-dip says it'll last 3 years and you'll have to redo it. And that's on normal surfaces.

It's pretty well known that the stuff doesn't hold up to heat over 200 degrees period, let alone for long term usage.

Headlights don't get that hot but they do get pretty damned hot. ESPECIALLY if you're using your brights for an extended period of time.

6 months... a year... how many people have this stuff inside their headlights for 5 years?

Even the clear bra headlight/foglight covers damage from heat. My fog light covers have black spots in the middle where the intense heat is.

Sorry man... believe what you want but this is still a relatively new hype we're seeing with pd. Wait another few years and you'll start hearing more and more cases of people complaining about issues.

It's just not meant for that kind of thing. You want to play around and paint your car for a few months... o.k. But headlights are a do it once do it right kind of deal and pd is not the right product for that. The more times you pop your headlights open the more issues you're gonna have with them.

You want to paint them real quick with PD and install them without sealing them... see if you like it... o.k. But closing them up is just insane.

I know people do it but it doesn't mean it's right.

But hey... this is a pd fan club thread so of course...
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