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I have done numerous JDM motor swaps on US cars JDM EJ205 non-AVCS, JDM EJ205 AVCS and EJ20x swaps.

1st thing is do not purchase a JDM motor based off the intake manifold because it does not mean its the best motor for you. All the JDM motors need some sort of modification to get them to work with US electronics.

The EJ20x motor is the wrong motor to be installing in the Single AVCS USDM wrx or STi. Yes it can work but having the exhaust not be used is a bad thing. You can swap exhaust cams with non-avcs and non avcs cam gears, but then your still left with the oil control solenoids and cam sensors unplugged. Especially for smogging in California you need the motor to be a factory replacement.

The closest motor to correct for any US single AVCS is a JDM EJ205 AVCS, but it comes with its own issue of the cams needing to be swapped with US cams. Even then the cam pickup for the Left head needs to be modified because the cam sensor port is shifted over a little.

The car throwing a P0018 means there is an issue with that cam. If you used the JDM oil control valve that came with the motor it may have a bad oil control valve. A scan tool is the best tool to look at the value at idle and driving.

PS. I have an EJ20x in my 2008 STi, this is literally almost a plug and play affair. Obviously the cam/crank sensors and intake manifold need to be swapped but the cams are the correct style and the long block is ready.
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