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Originally Posted by lando View Post
Needs more entertaining cartoons to keep me interested.

Eagerly awaiting moar.
All out.

Originally Posted by chris the man View Post
if yo dont mind to correct these myths.
i have heard it constrains heat which in turn harms the eternals of the turbo. heats up piping, and increases rust. NOW i have no idea but that is what has kept me from doing this. My shop said that a blanket will keep heat, to the point that once it has heated up so much that you will always be activating and driving on a red hot turbo. regardless of heat soak. im asking you if this is true.

other then that, yes it looks ****ing bad ass and something that i have wanted to do for a while
I've heard those stories as well....there are ZERO bad sides to wrapping your turbo. ZERO. NONE. All lies parroted by ignorant people.

Originally Posted by WhiteBgeye02 View Post
i got a ptp turbo blanket off ebay. they are like 80 bucks if you want to spend twice as much. they work so good you can put your hand on it after hard driving around town in summer and its warm but nothing hot to burn your hand.

i feel that this is a much better option than wrapping a downpipe because the turbo is mostly under the tmic and is cast so it holds more heat. the stainless downpipes wont and thats were it can dissipate more heat then! good writeup though. i did this first and it worked great for me.
Those thick blankets are nice....the only problem is they are expensive as crap. Wrapping your turbo with the Thermotec product offers the same "turbo hand holding benefits" as I often touch it to prove my point to locals.
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