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Just to toss this in here. Recently my girlfriend drops off her GT3 for service and receives one of the best dealership experiences ever, a showroom filled with rare & old Porsche's, a coffee bar, snacks, a real lounge, person comes to you and refers to you by name, given a $100k loaner vehicle. . . now lets all think about the last time we were in Chevy dealers. What I'm getting at, a buyer of the stature GM is attempting to draw in with this is more than just the car and the buyers of that market kind of . . . expect greatness which GM cannot deliver. Kind of like a $400k Lexus, $250k Acura. The C8 must be the end of front engine Corvettes because it's not going to steal sales from the others in this price point (except Acura ).

Now, coming full circle with my previous post on this topic. Corvette owners are not the type that want to actually live with an exotic, they want the allure of one. Easy ingress and egress, cheap operating costs, luggage space (seriously, 2 golf bag fitment is a must), cheap insurance, COMFORTABLE, good visibility, removable roof/vert, gas mileage, faster than a base 911 and a halo Corvette that is within the same performance realm of exotics. The Corvette does this well and the owners love it (seriously, go check out corvetteforum or talk to some owners) and the C8 cannot. Chevy is making the dream of Corvette owners, not the car they actually want.

Originally Posted by mhoward1 View Post
Price wise and exclusivity, um no. But performance wise the ZR1 is getting pretty close.

It is a high level sportscar though.

Then again, I equate super to performance, not brand or price. That's reserved for the term "exotic"
Zr1 is a fast sports car. Corvette is a sports car. C7Z06/7 went soft after C6Z and added removable top, vert, and auto for sales because a limited number of peopled wanted C6Z because it gave up comfort for performance, which is what made it cool.

This actually exists.

Now compare ACR, GT2RS, GT3RS, GT350R, ZL1, AMG GTR, Demon, etc. Corvette has dumped it's purpose built cars to keep the grey chest hair with gold chains happy. . . and because of this method make the mid-engine platform a car that lots of people will want but will never actually buy.

Originally Posted by Hondaslayer View Post
If the Viper was, why not the vette'?

Viper was more of a stupid muscle car anyway

(I mean that as a compliment to the car)
Viper definitely is not. It's a kit car made by Dodge that is not slow. I commonly reference my Viper as a ****box because that's what it is, albeit a ****box I love.
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