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Originally Posted by DeeezNuuuts83 View Post
A lot of that would work in theory. The problem is that Mitsubishi seems to fumble in every way possible outside of the Evo (which of course still has room for improvement outside of the performance category). Outside of marketing, they just need some people with common sense in their design studios. I can't believe how ugly the upcoming Galant and Outlander look.

Mitsubishi as a whole has the cake to do it, but they likely won't want to invest too much money, so we're likely not going to see any new performance engines outside of variations of the 4B11. I'd vote against them making a 3000GT successor at this time (since it would likely be well over $50,000, and spending that kind of money on a Mitsubishi isn't going to be well-received until they turn their overall image around), but a more performance-oriented Eclipse would be cool. That brings me to my next thought...

With the success of Toyota and Subaru working together to make the GT86/FR-S/BRZ, I always wondered what it would be like if Honda and Mitsubishi worked on something together, both being competitors with Toyota and Subaru, respectively. Honda's current lineup is pretty depressing from an enthusiast viewpoint, but they did make the NSX and S2000 before. So maybe people from those teams can do some work with Mitsubishi (who obviously has a pretty good grasp on making turbocharged four-cylinders and AWD) and put their ideas together. Perhaps a Honda-branded coupe (rather than Acura, which seems to cater more toward luxury anyway) and then a Mitsubishi-branded coupe, with a RWD GS-T model and a more top-of-the-line AWD GSX with all of the Evo goodies, clearly at a premium. Even the RWD models could still get S-AYC. A turbo'd motor would definitely give it an edge over the FR-S/BRZ.
I agree. They could not effectively make and sell the 3000gt with current track record. I think they are so focused on saving every dime possible that they are neglecting building quality cars. I really do feel like they are the GM motors of Japan.

The idea of a partnership with honda would be exciting. Use honda tech for a rwd chasis and suspension with a mitsu turbo 4 cylinder motor. I would probably jump on a car like that. I think the brz/frs is really missing a huge market by not offering a turbo variant. Even if you turbo the current motor, you get small gains in hp/tq and reliability... well its unknown but we can speculate its not good.

I think that the car manufacturers believe everyone wants these bland and boring enviro friendly cars. Im not saying there is not a market for it (look at the prius and others), but there is a huge demographic that still wants that driver oriented feel. I think people who are not car enthusiast even want that.
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