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Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
I guess you completely (and obliviously) missed the fact that ALL of the lowest mpg cars on his chart are CVT's (those with Combined Fuel economy lower than 23mpg), and most of those below 30mpg are CVT's.

The point, which you probably don't understand, is that you are looking at the top graph and since there are many more CVT's than 5MT's most of the data is of CVT's.

To get the correct perspective you need to look at the bottom graph which represents numbers by percentage, and where it's more obvious that the 5MT's average higher than the CVT's.
Already been explained, but you are obviously having trouble with reading comprehension. ALL of the cars with the highest combined average fuel economy are CVT's, the cars on the lower end of the chart may include many CVT's, but further investigation will reveal the reason they are there (hint, CITY driving).

In fact, on the forums, reports from Impreza owners are that the CVT can return both the highest and lowest MPG's, all depending upon how it is driven, and the type of driving being done.

Of course if your car is on Fuelly it would be somewhere in the middle of that chart, not due to City driving, but due to your high speed driving up steep elevations (your time is worth more money than the extra gas it costs you to drive 75mph+, but why not complain that your mpgs suffer anyway, lol).

Nice try to spin the data, look at the top bars on that graph again, do you see any 5 speeds competing at the high end of the chart with those CVT's?

Since you like searching for spinnable data, why not read the NASIOC forums and provide us with the breakdown by transmission of the highest reported HWY mpg's.

Or make it even easier, can you find a single post on NASIOC that shows a 5 speed Impreza achieved higher HWY mpg's than the highest HWY mpgs reported by the forums CVT owners (there are many of those reporting EPA busting HWY mpg's, or do you not read those posts?)

Didn't think so...But your spin on that is that it is because us 5 speed owners are all "enthusiasts/race car"...

Gee whiz, for all of your spreadsheet superiority, you sure have a hard time grasping the concept of AVERAGING numbers...
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