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Hey sorry to thread jack but my question is related to how the ECU handles timing.

So as I understand it, at least on an 05 STi:

Total timing = Base Timing + Knock Correction Advance (KCA) + Other Compensations

Where other compensations can be the FBKC, FLKC, IAT, etc.

The KCA is what I have a question about. It is stated as:

KCA = ((((KCA condition low*multiplier) + (KCA condition high*(1-multiplier))) * IAM) + (KCA Additive*multiplier))

Depending on the value of the multiplier (0 through 1) you can use just the low condition table, just the high condition table, or a blend of both. Then the additive table adds some on top of that. Are you guys flattening out any of the table values, if so to what? And would you zero any tables out?

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