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Originally Posted by m0nkey View Post
We gapped the new NGK irrdiums at 0.030. As for the weather it happens in all climate condition colder or hotter. It was tuned around 90degrees. So should I tighten the gap more?
IMO, yes.

I'm running .027 (IIRC) and I still need to close it a tad more. I had to back off the boost a little, because if i run 20+ psi, I'll usually misfire at WOT.

Originally Posted by m0nkey View Post
it only happens at wot or under hard accerlerarion. If I apply 30% throttle the car doesn't sputter but once I flat foot it, it goes down the drain..
This is exactly what happened to me before i closed the gap on my plugs. I troubleshot this issue for almost a month before I figured out my gap was too big.

Originally Posted by ride5000 View Post
are you absolutely certain that you gapped those iridiums properly?

iridium plugs are notoriously difficult to gap without damaging them.

(for the life of me i don't know why people just don't get coppers and replace them annually.)
...and I wonder the same thing. My car had coppers in it when I bought it, and I put ~55k miles on them with no issues.

Originally Posted by ride5000 View Post
this sounds like either 1) an open loop issue or 2) a high load ignition issue or 3) a tune issue

1) contains fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, maf sensor
2) contains coil packs, plugs
3) contains some other ecu parameters/maps

your learning view looks pretty reasonable. that would indicate that your fuel delivery and air metering are ok. a massive boost/vacuum leak that would cause that kind of issue would show up in the trims. you could test this with an intake pressure rig.

a coilpack/plug issue USUALLY shows up as misfire codes in the ecu. however, there is no way of knowing if those have been turned off in your car. and again, gapping IR plugs is generally avoided because of how delicate the center pin is.

like Kastley85891, what DOES concern me are your stored codes for TGV operation. TGV codes CAN and WILL trigger limp modes, and the symptoms are very much like the ones you are describing. you need to get your rom flashed again with those codes disabled.
+1 to all of this!
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