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Originally Posted by Sieran View Post
After spinning a rod bearing (well, nearly 3) this post hits all too close to home.

After talking to the mechanic who did my tear-down and rebuild and going over all the parts involved, the price just keeps going up and up. While it is open you might as well replace the things (with better) that are common to break or could be compromised already.

One AVCS gear won't come off in one piece? Well, there is another couple hundred there added to the price and you won't even know that until it happens.

I hear from so many people at CnC or local meets "Man, I am just going to drop in some forged pistons, 1200cc injectors and a big ass turbo and i'll be set!". Hell, I even hear that sitting in the Cobb tuning lobby when I am getting minor things done...

As a general rule of thumb, It is ALWAYS easier to rebuild your engine while it is still running. If you are doing donuts in the parking lot, and you start to get a knock, Shut it Down. If you KNOW you want to go for big horsepower, and your car has high miles, but is running OK, Build it up NOW.

It is always cheaper and easier to build from an unblown engine. OTOH, a new stock short block is a real steal of a deal.
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