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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I have always liked you.

Piss on Toyota. IF you cannot be bothered to take 100% ownership of your own Halo car, then I cannot be bothered to give a damn. This is Toyota we are talking about. Not a small company. No respect left for them.
You get me, I get you. Itís a bromance

I mean, the Supra was definitely no skyline gtr or even gts so I wouldnít ever expect it to compete with the new GTR but for ****s sake, quit being a bunch of penny pinching cheap ****s without any creative vision and create your own ****ing halo car. Obviously cost of r&d played a factor but I also think Toyota has forgotten how to build a true higher performance sports car, or they lack the team to do so.

The Supra is legitimately a hard top Z4, has a stage 1 tune, stiffer springs, and mapping of a ZF trans which ironically isnít that great. There is jack diddle **** about the car that says ďIím a Toyota SupraĒ besides the badging, door handles, and rear end.

I hope they lose their ass on this car. Dealers around me seem to be slow in moving them.
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