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Originally Posted by derrick-s View Post
P0463 Causes:
Faulty fuel level sensor
Faulty fuel level pump
Malfunctioning fuel level sensor float
Damaged fuel tank
Frayed wiring/connection to fuel sensor harness

If the vehicle sat for a few years, I would start with checking the connector to the sensor or fuel pump (if its built into the pump). Look for bad wires possibly chewed up by rats. Follow the wiring really well. If thats fine then check the fuel pressure with a gauge. Make sure your within specs when the problem is happening (most likely above 45psi). You can rent one free from the parts stores. Does your gauge show a full tank when the tank is actually full, or 1/2 when its at 50%? Start with these things and kep it easy. You have a code, fault trace that first.
Also, does your scan tool show fuel trims? See if your running lean or rich at idle and let me know the readings.
We checked the wiring and it looks to be fine no frayed wired. My gas gauge is occasionally working but sometimes drops to empty then comes back. I have gotten a code p0171 for fuel bank lean once but it went away on its own. The fuel pump was tested by the mechanic that replaced the fuel tank and he said it was sitting right at 40 to 50 psi and recommended not replacing the pump itself. However when we did some driving tests we noticed the fuel pump changes from a constant buzzing to a pulsing buzz. When the pump changes to pulsing is when I have my acceleration issues. Any thought on whether it's the pump? Or maybe the pumps overheating? Maybe the ecm changing the pumps speed? Thank you in advance anything helps.
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