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Any tips for disconnecting the tranny or pulling the radiator?

The only reason I haven't done the radiator yet is b/c of the connection to the A/C compressor. Not really sure how that all works, dismantle-wise.

> Their shouldn't be any connection between the radiator and A/C compressor. You might be looking at the A/C condensor in front of the radiator. Just drain the radiator and remove the upper and lower hoses ( too include the overflow hose ) and you'll be good to go.

To pull the motor from the tranny you will need to seperate the engine from the transmissions clutch housing. Just unbolt the housing from the block. Remove and put to the side the starter and clutch slave cylinder ( don't remove the clutch hose from the cylinder or you will have to bleed the system). Remove the clutch release lever shaft ( this holds the clutch fork in place ). The shaft is on the drivers side. Slide the shaft out carefully and lift up on the clutch fork ( the clutch release bearing remains attached to the clutch asssembly ). The clutch fork will now be disconnected from the release bearing. You will now have to make a decision on whether you want to remove the engine with the motor mounts still bolted onto the engine. Obviously you will need to unbolt the motor mounts from the engine subframe. The motor will have to be seperated from the tranny ( you can use and thin wide screw driver, but be gentle ) and then lifted up and away from the trannies main shaft. The problem with leaving the motor mounts in place is the bolts will hang up on their holes through the subframe when trying to seperate the motor from the tranny mainshaft which is resting inside the release bearing. You can certainly do it with the mounts still bolted to the motor ( I have twice before ) but it is definitely more of a wrestle. I would really suggest the usage of an engine leveler. This will allow you to tilt and lift at the same time. If you choose to remove the motor mounts completely, just attach the hoist to the motor first and gently lift until you have enough space to get at those bolts. This will also help to facilitate reinstall of the motor later.

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