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Originally Posted by Alistairh View Post
I'm going to be doing a G30-660 on my built 2.5L with mild cams. Hoping for 400 mmmmaybe 450 on a conservative dyno with 94+Meth. 91+Meth is probably gonna be closer to 400. I think its a dynapak hub dyno I'll be on, so the numbers will be inflated.

If OP had E85 then there's a chance the G25-660 would almost hit 400, but Garrett got creative with how they rate the hp on the new G series to inflate their numbers. G25 however would have very good street manners of the turbos named so far and would be "fun" to drive even with a .82 hotside but I'd probably shoot for 1.xx.. I had a gtx2863 w/ a .82 hot side that spooled up lightning quick, but got choked for flow up top.

GTX3071/GTX3076 would flow more, but less responsive on the street. You are still on stock cams so that helps. my old GT3076 hit close to your power goal but with very aggressive cams on pump gas and wasn't all that fun to drive. The car was basically dead below 3k rpm.

Either way you'll want to go rotated. EFR has always interested me with their use of exotic materials in the compressor/turbine wheel to reduce rotating mass. Xona Rotor also sounds good with their XR line.

I didn't see what fuel you'd be using, but on 91 I think it'd be a challenge. Others have said you might need 1300cc injectors and I'd tend to agree. If you think you'll ever get E85 then 1600's or bigger would be my choice.

You may also have to do water meth injection to get extra octane, or run a fuel additive.94 or 98 octane makes higher power goals a lot easier, or at least a lot safer.
Garrett didn't "get creative", they used BHP numbers like everyone else - because they're an OEM, that's just the numbers they're going to use. Also WHP varies WILDLY based on dyno so of course they're measuring at the crank.
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