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Old 09-21-2018, 08:36 PM   #801
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Default 2010 impreza key fob

Im having some issues programming my key fob. I have had several different key fobs and had the same issue with all of them and that is that the fob will sync with the vehicle but won't actually work. Took it to a lock smith and they got it to pair with my vehicle but still same problem in that it won't work. Wondering if there may be a problem with the car receiving the signal or what else it may be??
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Old 12-21-2018, 06:25 PM   #802
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Default Keyless entry

Just found a thread talking about keyless entry on an 02 wrx and I've been trying to figure out if mine has it. Was hoping you could check my VIN and find out or tell me how. Thanks!
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Old 02-24-2019, 12:28 AM   #803
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I know I'm digging up an old thread, but by security system apparently arms itself without locking the doors... By the time I've finished filling up with fuel the alarm will go off when i open my still unlocked door. It doesn't seem to be in valet mode, as the alarm sounds, but it does get frustrating. The only way around it for now seems to be unlocking the door (which was never locked in the first place) before getting in. Any suggestions??

i have a 2007 outback 2.5i

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Old 03-29-2019, 12:55 AM   #804
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Default "Silent reprogramming"

Hello all. New to the forums. 2007 subaru impreza 2.5i. Thanks for all the information and it sounds very familiar to all the YouTube videos and instructions I've read about reprogramming a fob. Like many others, they often have issues with getting their car horn to honk or the dome lights to flash or for some sort of chime indicating that the alarm is getting ready to reprogram. After many frustrating attempts and no sounds I decided to do a "silent" reprogram without those audible or visual alerts. I'll run you through what I did, it might work for you.
1. Make sure all your doors, trunk, hood are in the closed position.
2. Open door and sit in car.
3. Open and close door.
4. Toggle ignition from off to on 10 times (i've read in some forums that sometimes it takes 11 and this was the case for me. No audible or visual alerts up to this point.
5. Open and close the door.
6. This part is crucial. If all was done correctly up to this point you should be ready to input your key fob ID numbers found on the inside of your remote (usually 2 sets of number, top one usually). This is how I knew I was on the right track. Usually when you hit the lock and unlock buttons you hear the doors lock and unlock but in programming mode you don't hear anything. If you do you've got to start all over. Input ID with lock and unlock button. Press lock the number of times the number is and when you're ready to input the next number press unlock. Input the whole sequence..... Wait 2-3 seconds and input the ID numbers again. No audible or visual alerts, nor lock indicator toggling lock and unlock.
7. Press the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob
8. Open and close your door
9. Pull key from ignition
10. Wait 5 seconds and try your key fob. Worked for me.

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Old 04-17-2019, 02:50 PM   #805
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Default '99-'03 Alpine keyless entry and security system: THE FACTS

I normally hang out on USMB (I don't have an Impreza), but there's been a lot of discussion of this system here and nobody has ever had the answers (anywhere). I suffered some of these maddeningly intractable problems with a '99 OBW and an '02 Forester and decided to do something about it - I built a bench test jig that would allow me to mess with the system under controlled conditions.

If NASIOC will allow a link to USMB, you can read the details in my thread there:


Here's the summary:

First, there are persistent myths that have no basis in fact. These include:
  • That you need to cycle the key ON/OFF "approximately 10 times" to enter programming mode. FACT: The actual number is 10, period.
  • That the brake pedal is somehow involved in the programming process. FACT: There is no connection between the brakes and this system.
  • That you might have to go through the programming sequence 10 times for it to stick. FACT: Pure nonsense - it works first time, every time.
  • That "valet mode" inhibits programming new remote transmitters. FACT: It doesn't.
  • That you have to wait 10 minutes for something. FACT: You don't, unless your name is Vladimir or Estragon, in which case you're going to have to wait much longer.
What I've learned is that the system works exactly as described in the owner's manual. Follow those instructions and it'll do what you ask. If it doesn't, stop trying, because there's something wrong.

At the core of all these problems (and the myths) is the failure of the system to enter programming mode after the ten ignition key twists. While I haven't yet completed my experiments, I'm fairly certain that the common cause is very simple: That over time the keyswitch contacts wear and become (electrically) noisy. This noise confuses the keyless entry system, and it's unable to count the ten twists. That's all. So if you're having this problem, ignore all the bu11$h!t out there and replace the keyswitch.

I'm going to keep playing with this and will edit this post (or post a followup) as necessary.

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Old 10-02-2019, 04:06 PM   #806
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Default Switchblade key shell

Hi guys,
the thread about this is closed now and being new here I found this the most appropriate place to post.

The thread I'm talking about is 2011/2012 WRX Flip / Switchblade Key , although I'm looking for a 2009 Outback.

Where do you guys get the switchblade key shell these days?
The ones I found have poor reviews and/or not working. None of them come with Subaru sticker like the one posted in NASIOC thread.

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Old 10-10-2019, 10:40 PM   #807
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2002 WRX Wagon

Default Upgrading from Key and seperate Fob to integrated key

I have a 2002 WRX and was hoping to be able to replace my current key setup (one transponderless key with a separate fob) to a two-in-one system (like the 2012-2017 models). Is this possible? Could I upgrade the receiver in the car? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Old 11-14-2019, 05:50 AM   #808
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Default New member here, can anyone help with a alarm/keyless entry issue?

I have a 14' WRX. I'm having an issue with my keyless entry and alarm. I noticed my key fob (tear drop) stopped working. I replaced the batteries and that did nothing. I've checked fuses related to alarm and security, nothing. I noticed when I turn on my car and check the dash, I don't see the security light turn on. I have to unlock/lock my doors with the buttons inside. Please help! dealership is charging $140 just to diagnose! Thanks!
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Old 01-02-2020, 11:29 AM   #809
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Originally Posted by RexyGirl View Post
I have seen quite a few posts regarding the Factory Alarm Keyless Entry System. Hopefully this will answer a majority of your questions without having to start another thread.....

How do I program a remote?
Depending on the year of your vehicle, programming the remote is pretty simple:

For 2001-2006 Models:
(the oblong remote with either 2 grey buttons or a blue and orange button)
EDIT: Replacement remotes are the newer teardrop shape, but are programmed the same way. The 'trunk' button is another way to put the alarm in and out of valet mode.

**Make sure all windows, doors, hood and trunk are closed.
**Get in and close the door.
**Turn the key in the ignition to the 'ON" position 10 times within 15 seconds
**You should hear the horn/chirp
**Open and close the drivers side door.
**Press one button on the remote
**Open and close the drives side door
**If you have other remotes, repeat the last 2 steps for all remotes
**Remove key from the ignition
**The horn should beep/chirp again
**Check remote(s)

NOTE: If you mess up during any of the steps, remove the key from the ignition, open and close the drivers side door and start over.

NOTE: You must program all remotes at the same time. Remotes not programmed at the same time will no longer work.


1. I can't get the horn to beep/chirp after turning the key in the ignition:
**Make sure you are turning the key fast enough.
**Make sure the car is not in valet mode (If you have a working remote.--See below for info on valet mode)
**Disconnect the battery for approx. 1 min. This will reset the alarm back to factory settings. HOWEVER: It is possible the alarm will start going off. Turn the key in the ignition 3 times and the alarm will stop.

2. The remote did not program:
**Try programming again.
**Check/replace the remote battery
**Try another remote if you have one. If the others took the programming, the remote is defective/dead battery

3. The door locks unlock/lock but there is not horn/chirp
**See below 'VALET MODE"
**See below 'Turn Off/On Horn Chirp'

For 2006-2008 Models:
(the 'teardrop' remote)

This process is a little more difficult. You can either attempt the process below or take the vehicle to a dealer.

NOTE: You need the transmitters 'ID' code. This is either located on the bag the remote came in or inside the remote on the circuit board. It is an 8 digit number.

**Close all doors, trunk and windows.
**Sit in vehicle and close the door
**Perform the following steps within 45 seconds
**Open and close the drivers side door once
**Turn the key in the ignition 10 times within 15 seconds. You will hear a beep. If you do not hear a beep, start over.
**Open and close the drivers side door again within 15 seconds of the beep. You will hear a tone that lasts for 30 seconds.
**Before the tone stops, press the door lock switch (on the door) to the lock position the same number of times as the first digit of the code. (For example, if the 1st digit is a 2, press lock 2 times). Do not wait more than 5 seconds between pressing lock each time
**The tone will stop when you start pressing lock.
**After entering the number, push the door lock switch to unlock within 5 seconds.
**Perform the steps with pressing lock and unlock for each additional number, remembering to press unlock between each number. For example, for the number 1234, press lock 1 time, then unlock, lock 2 times, then unlock, lock 3 times, then unlock, lock 4 times, unlock....
**After the 8th digit, the tone will sound again for 30 seconds
** Before the tone stops, repeat the lock/unlock steps and enter the code again
**When finished entering the code the second time, a beep will be heard and the door locks will operate on their own, indicating the remote is programmed.
**If you need to program another remote, start with the open and close door step for each additional remote

NOTE: You only have to program new remotes. Old remotes will still work without reprogramming them again. They each have their own individual codes.


1. I didn't hear the chirp/tone
**You waited too long between steps, you need to start over.

2. I heard all the beeps/tones, but the remote still does not work
**The remote is defective.

My exterior lights no longer flash when I lock/unlock with the remote:

The vehicle is in VALET MODE
**Make sure the alarm is disarmed.
**Open the drivers side door.
**Press and hold unlock on the remote until the security light on the dash stops flashing.

EDIT: If you used to have an older style remote for MY 02-06, the trunk release button on the replacement (teardrop) remote can also be used to put the alarm in and out of valet mode.

NOTE: To put back in VALET MODE, repeat the above steps.

The security light on my dash is flashing:

If the light is flashing blink, pause, blink, pause, etc:
**This means the security system is armed. This is normal when the system is armed.

If the light is flashing blink blink, pause, blink blink, pause, etc:
**The alarm is in VALET MODE, see above.

The horn no longer beeps/chirps when I lock/unlock the car:

**Make sure all the doors, windows, trunk and hood are closed.
**Disarm the alarm.
**Press and hold BOTH buttons on the remote until the horn/chirp sounds.

NOTE: To turn the beep/chirp back off, repeat the steps above.

My alarm goes off when I use the key to unlock the door:

**Once the door is open, turn the key in the ignition 3 times to stop the alarm.
**OR, put the alarm in Valet Mode, see above
**Use the remote!

I Just replaced/disconnected my battery and now my lights are blinking and there is a clicking noise that can be heard inside the vehicle:

You need to reset your alarm:

**If you have an older model vehicle, 2001 and under, and have a remote, press unlock on the remote
**If you have an older model vehicle, 2001 and under, there is a reset button for the alarm located on the drivers side, left side of steering colum, down near where the dash trim ends. (Your owners manual has a pretty good picture of where it is located and what it looks like) Press and hold button for a second or two until the alarm is reset.

The horm/chirp does not work when I press lock or unlock. There is no sound:

**Try seeing if your alarm chirp/horn is disabled. (See above)
**If not, try information in this thread:


If I forgot anything, let me know and I will add it!!

Than you very much sir !
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Old 01-22-2020, 12:00 PM   #810
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1996 Volvo 850 Turbo
with mods :)


Originally Posted by bigtruss View Post
Than you very much sir !

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